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Elegido Tempranillo-Syrah

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The Tempranillo grape is the “noble one” in Spain, and with the world renowned Syrah grape, together they bring their spectacular aroma and flavour properties in a unique blend.

This young wine is fruit of a careful process, with a brief passage through wood where it becomes intense, tasty and full. The winemaking is done separately for each variety. The grapes are destemmed and, without squeezing, they undergo cold maceration for a week. Once the coupage is made, the wine is passed into the new French and American oak barrels, where it will remain for about 4 months.



Deep red colour with a slight violet hue from the Syrah grape.


Elegido Tempranillo–Syrah is a fresh wine with full aromas of ripe fruit.


This excellent wine is tasty and long.