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The French variety of grape Sauvignon Blanc is in its origins from the Bordeaux region. It was first grown in Spain during the seventies and now it is cultivated both in Rueda and Catalonia regions. It is appreciated because of its great adaptability and the possibilities of creating white wines with a wide aromatic expression, good acid balance and mineral.

The first must obtained, is taken to stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature at 10ºC for some hours and, afterwards, an alcoholic fermentation takes place between 15ºC  and 17ºC, obtaining its fruity aromas, characteristics from the grapes.



Elegido Sauvignon Blanc is a brilliant, refreshing and rounded wine with a greenish color and golden hues.


There can be found aromas of grass with a superb addition of tropical and mineral notes.


On the palate, this surprising wine has both sweet and acid taste with a good body.